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  • 100% Traceability
  • Position Management
  • Real-time statistics
  • Authorization and management of articles
  • Stock Management
  • Simple data export
  • Cost Center Management
  • Management interface with ERP


GBOX enables remote monitoring of inventory flows and real-time analysis of consumption data. The detected data can be synchronized through an interface with an ERP or management system.


With the help of GBOX, you will have a controlled and secure distribution of items such as PPE and tools. This system significantly reduces the rate of workplace accidents, ensuring a decrease in consumption.


The software enables the automatic sending of supply requests, reducing downtime, monitoring costs, and managing equipment maintenance functions. The use of GBOX is easy, reliable, and secure.


Thanks to the administrator profile, you can independently configure the various parameters of the machine: access through profile authentication, product card editing, and space reconfiguration, optimizing time.

Data analysis

The administrator profile allows you to track all transactions made on the dispenser in real-time or through automatic email notifications. The collected data enables you to have complete control over inventory and consumption.


Gbox can be customized according to specific production and storage needs, allowing for the management of various user profiles through permissions based on specific categories (department, role, etc.). It is suitable for all distributors.

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