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scaffalatura compattabile industriale


FrameXL is the intelligent storage solution that maximizes space and volume, thanks to its unique adaptability. The simplicity of the geometric structure perfectly suits every design project, allowing for the creation of complex storage or display solutions. The compactness achieved through the sliding of shelves on tracks optimizes the available space. You can double the storage capacity using the same surface area or halve it without sacrificing storage volume.

scaffalatura industriale compattabile temrex


With an industrial mobile shelving FrameXL, you can store objects of varying sizes and weights. The storage space can increase by up to 50% more than a traditional static warehouse.


Thanks to the ability to store materials intensively, the management costs of warehouse spaces are significantly reduced. FrameXL is suitable for placement in refrigeration or freezing cells.


The electronic movability of the mobile shelving FrameXL allows for functional usage. Every dimensional aspect can be adapted to the type of space and material.

  • REMADE in Italy

    From the study of shapes to the selection of components, everything adheres to the standards of Made in Italy. The raw materials come from controlled supply chains that respect the environment, enabling us to offer an increasingly eco-sustainable product, guaranteed by the Remade in Italy® certification.

  • Accessories & Design

    Pull-out shelves, frames for hanging folders, drawers and movable dividers, separators between shelves, sliding or hinged closures. Closed or perforated sides, temperature and humidity detectors, soft-touch handling, and many other accessories streamline operators' activities.

FrameXL 3-Ton is the industrial medium-duty mobile shelving version. It can be configured to store products weighing up to a maximum of 3,000 kg. Depending on specific requirements, shelving with shelves or load-bearing beams can be used.


FrameXL 9-Ton is the industrial-grade, high-capacity shelving version. It can be configured to store products weighing up to a maximum of 9,000 kg. Depending on specific requirements, you have the option to use either load-bearing beam shelving or cantilever shelving.

The FrameXL 24-Ton is the high-capacity industrial racking version. It can be configured to store products weighing up to a maximum of 24,000 kg. Depending on specific needs, either load-bearing beam or cantilever racking can be used.


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