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confronto scaffalatura statica e compattabile temrex
confronto scaffalatura statica e compattabile temrex
Riduci lo spazio con scaffalatura compattabile

Half of the Surface

raddoppia il volume di archiviazione con scaffalatura compattabile

Double the Volume

facilità di gestione scaffalatura compattabile temrex

Single VS. Double Deck

sicurezza della scafaltura compattabile temrex

Need more Space?


Using Frame2 is simple, intuitive and requires no effort. Consultation is possible by moving an element from time to time to create a corridor on both levels , in which it is easy to move and pick up or deposit the desired material.


The Frame2 mobile shelving system allows you to make the most of the space available in height and to quadruple the archiving or storage capacity compared to a traditional mobile shelving archive. Frame2, meets every storage need.


The possibility of moving the compactable Frame2 mechanically or electronically allows you to customize the archive in order to make it as functional as possible for the customer's needs . Every dimensional aspect can be adapted to the room.

gestione dei livelli di accesso scaffalatura compattabile temex

Access level Management

controllo da remoto della scaffalatura compattabile temrex

Remote Control

dati in tempo reale con la scaffalatura compattabile temrex

Real-Time data

sicurezza del personale con scaffalatura compattabile temrex


Second level.

The use of the double decker Frame2 allows you to exploit a large amount of space in height. Through the use of a walking platform integrated into the shelving, it is possible to access the highest storage levels without the use of ladders or lifting systems.


Functionality and design but also safety and ergonomics for the staff who use it. In all types of handling, mechanical and electronic safety devices have been provided to guarantee the safety of the operators, the material contained and the equipment itself.

Remade in Italy®

From the study of shapes to the choice of components, everything respects the Made in Italy criteria. The raw materials come from supply chains controlled with respect for the environment, capable of offering an increasingly eco-sustainable product, guaranteed by the Remade in Italy® certification.

ripiani per scaffalatura compattabile temrex


cassetti per scaffalatura compattabile temrex


griglia appendi quadri per scaffalatura compattabile temrex


appendi abiti per scaffalatura compattabile temrex

Hanging System

Technical specifications.

scheda tecnica scaffalatura compattabile doppio livello temrex


Sliding rails . The sliding rails are made of solid steel inserted in a 15/10 thick galvanized steel sheet container. Each track is shaped and drilled to allow accurate alignment for the entire structure.


Sides and Cross Bracing . The sides are made of a single continuous-face component, separating one span from the other. They can be opened to create a single top. The Cross Bracing are positioned to stabilize the load of the structure.


Movement . The movement is made fluid thanks to the transmission system with handwheel movement. The silent and reliable automatic movement allows you to move the elements with a simple touch.


Closing doors . The accessibility of each Frame system can be controlled thanks to the key locking system and the sliding or swing doors on the external elements. Their presence does not reduce storage capacity.


Flooring . It can be added in case of tracks above the floor. It can be made of certified fireproof wood or simple almond wood, depending on the needs or the environment in which it is installed.


Shelves and hooks . The shelves are made of galvanized sheet metal with triple anti-cut edges on each side. The steel hooks ensure perfect stability to the shelves, making them repositionable as needed and without the use of tools.


Finishing . Frame can be customized using any of the colors from the RAL range, in a smooth, matt or wrinkled finish. Together with the range of wooden compensation panels, infinite color combinations are created.


It is the intensive warehouse for bookstores and libraries of all sizes . The book has variable dimensional aspects and Frame2 lends itself to accommodate them both in the length and depth of the shelf and in the limited distance between the shelves themselves. Frame2 has numerous accessories and can be equipped with tools and devices to control the temperature and humidity inside for perfect conservation of book material.


It is the classic archive for use in large and small offices , dedicated to private companies and public administrations: robust, load-bearing, easy to use, designed for folders, files and suspension files. It has perfect economic sustainability , combining maximum exploitation of available spaces, functionality and low management costs, being able to reach considerable dimensions both in terms of length of the mobile elements and heights of the shelving.

Don't know which one to choose?

Write to us for any information, our team will be able to recommend the perfect solution for your needs

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