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archivio automatico a piani rotanti temrex


The PSERIESgiro rotating archive is the automatic system for storing and securing small objects, for which access times must be short. The trays rotate thanks to a motorisation that can be single or double. Ease of use, maximum storage capacity and minimum footprint.

archivio automatico a piani rotanti


The trays rotate around the various positions thanks to a single or double motorisation. The positioning of the consultation bay at different heights makes it possible to fully utilise the height of rooms or basements.


Pseries allows you to optimise the storage of all low-density documents. Its small footprint allows you to utilise the height space and optimise and quintuple the storage space of any document format.


With the choice of interior storage units, it will be easier to choose the solution that will best optimise office storage space. Small, large, long or wide, a wide range of containers to choose from.


The AC motor of the rotary warehouse reduces the maintenance required for its proper functioning. This type of motor is not subject to friction, which significantly reduces brush wear.



The Pseries rotating archive is equipped with safety light curtains conforming to standard 15095 + A1, and also complies with all provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.



Position signs are installed near the consultation bay. They are small, red LEDs spaced between them and a number indicating the position and depth of each object in the storage bay.



The Pseries revolving archive can be equipped with ventilation systems (VMC), systems for maintaining constant temperature and hygrometry, as well as a refrigeration unit. They can also be equipped with fire detection.



Thanks to the Pseriesgiro automatic filing system, all office heights can be utilised. Two consultation bays can be added to exploit two filing levels.



Security first.

Thanks to the RFID badge reader recognition system, every access is controlled.

The G-DOC file management software simplifies archiving by managing the addressing, locations and traceability of files.


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