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Scaffalatura compattabile doppio livello Temrex


Frame2 is the intelligent mobile shelving storage solution that maximizes space and volume, thanks to its exclusive adaptability. The simplicity of the geometries that make up the structure perfectly suits every design studio, allowing for the creation of complex storage, display, or shelving solutions. The compactness, achieved through the sliding of the shelves on tracks, optimizes the available space. By combining surface utilization with available height, it is possible to quadruple the storage capacity.

Scaffalatura compattabile doppio livello Temrex


Using Frame2 is easy, intuitive, and requires no effort at all. The consultation process allows you to effortlessly move one or more elements at a time to create a corridor where it is convenient to navigate and retrieve or deposit the desired material.


Functionality and design, but also safety and ergonomics for the personnel using it. Mechanical and electronic safety measures have been implemented in all types of handling to ensure the operators' safety, as well as the safety of the materials and equipment involved.


The ability to mechanically or electronically move the mobile shelving allows for the customization of the archive to meet the functional needs of the customer. Every aspect can be adapted to fit the type of space and the specificity of the materials being stored.

  • REMADE in Italy

    From the study of shapes to the selection of components, everything adheres to the criteria of Made in Italy. The raw materials come from controlled supply chains that respect the environment, allowing us to offer an increasingly eco-friendly product, guaranteed by the Remade in Italy® certification.

  • Accessories & Design

    Pull-out shelves, suspended folder frames, drawers and movable dividers, separators between shelves, sliding or hinged closures. Closed or perforated sides, temperature and humidity detectors, soft-touch movement, and many other accessories streamline operators' activities.

It is a comprehensive storage solution for libraries and bookstores of all sizes. Books come in various dimensions, and Frame2 is designed to accommodate them in terms of shelf length, depth, and spacing. Additionally, Frame2 can be equipped with temperature and humidity control tools and devices inside.

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Dedicated to both private companies and Public Administrations, this sturdy and reliable solution is designed to be user-friendly and perfect for storing folders, files, and hanging files. It offers excellent economic sustainability by maximizing available space, ensuring functionality, and keeping management costs low.

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Frame2 in the retail version was born out of the need to eliminate remote warehouses. It ensures the best availability of products in-shop, even in small spaces. Frame2 can be structured with accessories to hold hanging, leaning, and folded garments, as well as boxes, decorative items, or even packaged medicines and health products.

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Frame2 is responsible for storing and making works of art available at the same time. Through extraction or simple lateral movement, it is possible to properly store artworks hung on an unlimited positioning grid. Environmental conditions are monitored through temperature and humidity detection devices.

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