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archivio compattabile ufficio


The mobile shelving archive is a perfect balance of tradition and design. The simple shelving unit takes on different forms and becomes a design object, not only functional but also aesthetic. Used on its own as a stand-alone unit to divide office spaces or positioned on the wall, Mbox is highly versatile and customisable. The shelving unit mounted on mobile bases that slide along rails, has a double storage area and access is guaranteed by opening one aisle at a time.

archivio compattabile ufficio temrex


The use of Mbox is simple, intuitive and practical. Consultation is possible by moving an element or several elements at once to create a corridor in which it is easy to move around to pick up or deposit the desired material.


Functionality and design: a new way of filing to be used leaning against a wall or in a stand-alone version to divide co-working spaces. The black outer panels come in three colours to fit easily into the work environment.


Customising the MBOX is fun. You can choose numerous internal accessories for archiving every type of document: from small sheets, to folders, hanging folders and large boxes.LED lighting system and choice of internal colour and external wooden panels.

Given its light colour, with a minimal percentage of grey, it has a light and modern appearance and can be combined in a very versatile way with different shades, from white, to other neutral colours or colour accents, to black.

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The Black Graphite wood finish can be used to create slightly more subtle contrasts than total black. The velvety feel and extremely opaque characteristics create a special sense of fine elegance in this solid colour.

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Neutral light grey can be combined in many different ways. Tone-on-tone combinations with other shades of grey are possible, as well as contrasts with natural wood varieties.

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The interior shelving can be galvanised or painted in any colour you wish, leave room for the imagination! We have opted for two colours that easily match all wooden panels.

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The colour RAL 9010 is probably the most popular shade of white in furniture as it

it is warm and enveloping;

it successfully combines with multiple colour combinations, furnishing styles and atmospheres;

it does not create overly accentuated contrasts or make the environment appear aseptic or cold

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This colour is made up of three main colours: red, green and blue in varying proportions. We are in the presence of a dark but rather versatile colour that lends itself to various colour combinations.

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