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magazzino verticale a piani rotanti


The GSERIESgiro rotating storage system is the automated system for storing and securing small objects, for which access times must be short. The trays rotate thanks to a motorisation that can be single or double. Ease of use, maximum storage and minimum footprint.


The trays rotate around the various positions thanks to a single or double motorisation. The positioning of the consultation bay at different heights makes it possible to fully utilise the height of rooms or basements.


Gseries allows you to optimise the storage of all your low-density items. Its small footprint allows you to exploit the height of the space and optimise and quintuple the storage space for small items.


The choice of inner containers makes it easier to choose the solution that will best optimise your storage space. Small, large, long or wide, a wide range of containers to choose from.

The AC motor of the rotary warehouse reduces the maintenance required for its proper functioning. This type of motor is not subject to friction, which significantly reduces brush wear.

Our R&D team researches and develops new technologies to ensure easy and fast material removal. This results in reduced working time and increased productivity.


The Gseries rotating warehouse is equipped with safety light curtains conforming to the 15095 + A1 standard, and also complies with all provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The consultation bay is equipped with an LED lighting system to facilitate safe consultation of the material.

Near the consultation bay, position signs are installed. These are small, red LEDs spaced between each other and a number indicating the position and depth of each item in the magazine.

The rotation speed of the trays depends on the model chosen. It generally varies from 10.13 to 14.33 cm/s. Gseries guarantees picking of more than 200 lines per hour thanks to an optimised picking path.


The Gseries rotating warehouse is configured with every state-of-the-art device, including a touch screen display for picking or inserting objects into the rotary. Simple, convenient and intuitive.

Picking from a rotating warehouse has never been easier and more intuitive thanks to the ergonomics of the bay and containers and the integrated software that monitors the positions of individual objects.

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