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The GSERIESgiro rotating warehouse is an automated system for storing and securing small objects, where quick access times are crucial. The trays rotate thanks to a motorization that can be single or double. Easy to use, maximum storage capacity, and minimal space requirements.


The trays move vertically between the two storage units and extract the drawers to position them at the consultation station. It is reliable thanks to the pinion transmission system and dual motorization.


The LIFT storage system is the perfect solution for optimizing storage space. A ground floor sliding warehouse of 14 m² can accommodate a useful deposit of over 200 m² throughout the height of the building.


The LIFTverti mobile warehouse offers a multitude of options specifically designed for various activities (management of static components, zone lights to identify stored objects, load cells, etc.).

The LIFTverti mobile warehouse is equipped with dual motorization. This choice ensures the storage and movement of up to 560 kg of material, as well as an efficient and safe tray handling.

Our R&D team researches and develops new technologies to ensure easy and fast material retrieval. This results in a reduction in work time and an increase in productivity.


The LIFTverti moving warehouse is equipped with safety photoelectric barriers that comply with the 15095 + A1 standard and also complies with all provisions of Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery.

The consultation bay is equipped with an LED lighting system to facilitate the safe browsing of materials.

Position indicators are installed near the consultation bay. These are small red LEDs spaced apart, with a number indicating the position and depth of each item stored inside the warehouse.

The gear and rack assemblies have a lower moment of inertia and a higher resonance frequency, as well as greater efficiency compared to ball screws. They also have fewer components, making them easy to install.


The LIFTverti mobile warehouse is equipped with the latest generation of devices, including a touch screen display for easy and intuitive retrieval or insertion of items into the rotating system. Simple, convenient, and user-friendly.

The withdrawal from a mobile warehouse has never been so simple and intuitive, thanks to the ergonomic bay and containers, as well as the integrated software that monitors the positions of individual items.

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